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Levi Taxi Transportation

Do you need a airport taxi, a lift to the train or anywhere here in Levi?

We drive a car for you


Personal service here in Levi. If you want to book a taxi in advantage, please contact us by e-mail  [email protected] or by phone +358 400 407 704.

Local service

Book in advantage

Just hop in! Enjoy the ride and the view!

We transfer our customers around Lapland if needed. Rovaniemi, Kolari Railway Station and the airports near and far – they all are familiar to us. And it is possible to cross the border. We have also driven from Kittilä to Kiruna.

We offer you a nice and safe ride with good cars. If you need a lift to the airport, the railway station, the night life, the restaurant or activities, we are happy to give you a ride.

Also pre-orders.

Ask an offer for a longer trips!


Our taxis are

spacious and safe vans

where is lots of space

and on the way – check the scenery!

Price list

Base fee 9 €

  • Travel fee 1-2 pers 1,60 €/km
  • Travel fee 3-4 pers 1,91 €/km
  • Travel fee 5-6 pers 2,07 €/km
  • Travel fee 7-8 pers 2,23 €/km
  • Waiting Charge 47,04 €/h
  • Pre-order Surcharge 7,10 €
  • Large Object 2,80 €

All prices include VAT 10 %.


Airport Taxi

Levi Centre – Kittilä Airport / 1-2 pers / off season / right off

30 €


Airport Taxi

Kittilä Airport – Levi Centre / 1-2 pers / on high season / pre-ordered

Price depends on for example waiting time and possible luggage.

49 €


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